Elegant lines and sculptural shapes for the iconic Acapulco bookcase, upholstered in the new Wild Tiger velvet for the shelves and in leather with stella quilting for the doors. Thanks to its contemporary design, the bookcase presents itself as a scenographic and decorative element. The possibility of double-sided use offers endless interpretative possibilities, allowing placement…



Structure in multilayer wood. Bevelled mirrors available in natural or bronze finishing. Fixed shelves in natural or bronze glass. For size 250 cm, back available in oak col. glossy wengé. Fixed shelves in natural or bronze glass.



Structure in multilayer wood covered with bevelled natural or bronze mirror and leather cat. A Diamante. RC “jewel logo” with Swarovski crystals in melted brass available in platinum or golden finishing.



Modular bookcase. Structure in multilayer wood. Shelves in oak col. glossy wengé or glossy Carbalho rose or grey colour. Pillars covered with leather available from the collection. Modular pillars with shelf available in three heights: 33, 43, 56 cm. RC “jewel logo” with Swarovski crystals in melted brass available in platinum or golden finishing.



Geometries and chromatic games distinguish the iconic Mackintosh double-sided bookcase, a contemporary piece of furniture with decorative allure, worthy of a starring role in any living space. Proposed in a new version that combines the black chrome of the structure with the smoky grey Tay wood of the cubes, the bookcase characterizes the setting with…



A new chrome-plated London smoke grey for the Psyco bookcase, presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile 2018. The original oriental inspiration that can be found in the round shape is thus enhanced by a metropolitan note giving life to a spectacular element of furniture with a contemporary and refined allure.



Between art and design, Matrix bookcase, with its captivating style, becomes the protagonist of setting with a contemporary allure. Like a stunning sculptural element, it’s the result of a geometric game of crossed lines, essential and at the same time original and scenographic.



The Fitzroy line, consisting of a bookcase, console and coffee tables, epitomises the industrial style which runs throughout the collection. These pieces, with a 1970s feel, are made of travertine, brass and smoked glass.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 15.41.13


A bookcase that plays a leading role in the living space: a sculptural shape together with essential and contemporary aesthetic add a touch of elegance to “Eclipse” bookcase that is perfect to make your contemporary living space luxurious and sophisticated. The materials used highlight the refined lines of “Eclipse” bookcase: the high-quality natural oak/ poplar…

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 15.41.26


The materials used highlight the refined lines of “Eclipse” bookcase: the high-quality shiny ebony wood used for the structure, combined with metals creates a contemporary contrast.

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In “Morfeo” bookcase the softness of the leather is combined with the hardness of the stone enhancing the purity of this natural element. The marble shelf is exhalted by led lighting



A bookcase with an original design and simple lines to complete Woodstock collection launched in 2018. The dark hues and the Carbalho essence recall the afro mood of the 2019 collection.



The bamboo cane, evocative element of naturalistic inspiration, is proposed with a polished brass finish, a reference to ethnicity that meets the refinement of precious materials, giving rise to an unusual combination of elements. The element is inserted inside a sculptural structure that alternates smoked eucalyptus wood and brass with a bronzed finish, giving life…



A versatile and superb mix of elements in perfect Etro Home Interiors style: the structure in patinated bronze metal with details in bordeaux finishing, the shelves in smoked eucalyptus frisé wood and the shape that refers to the initial letter of the Etro logo contribute to express the multifaceted spirit of the brand.



This new version of the Fonda bookcase, characterized by an alternation of open and closed shelves, is the result of a game of colours, materials and contrasts. Thanks to its strong decorative appeal, this scenographic bookcase is a unique piece of furniture that immediately catches attention.



A bookcase with a strong decorative appeal, worthy of a starring role in any living space. The scenographic structure is the result of a game of colours and contrasts: the regular and austere grid is livened up thanks to the alternation of natural Vienna straw patterns and graphic prints typical of the Maison. The skilful…



Contemporary design and decorative spirit for the Aleppo bookcase, characterized, in the central spine, by a horn inlay recreating a mosaic pattern, reference to the decorative theme of the Mesopotamian world and to the ethnic spirit that distinguishes the Etro Home Interiors world. On the shelves and along the central wall, the rough effect of…

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